Bay & Key Bridge Driver Alert – Large Crane Delivery Passing Under Bridges – Temporary Traffic Holds for Motorist Safety

Thursday, September 9 – Passage in Morning at Bay Bridge and Afternoon at Key Bridge

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) will temporarily hold traffic in both directions on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (US 50/301) and Francis Scott Key Bridge (I-695) during passage of marine vessels carrying four large cranes.

WHEN:   Thursday, September 9, traffic on the Bay Bridge will be held at approximately 10 a.m. for approximately 15-30 minutes; traffic on the Key Bridge will be held at approximately 12 p.m. for approximately 15-30 minutes. 

Note: Times and durations will be approximate and dependent upon the vessel’s progress. This transport is weather dependent.

WHY:    Traffic holds will be utilized for safety purposes to ensure that drivers are not distracted crossing these bridges during the cranes’ passage beneath the structures.