The Town volunteer task force is pleased to provide this update, following meetings with the Commissioners and other officials knowledgeable about speed reduction options. The speed limit on interior town roads (non-state) has been reduced to 15 mph and new signs will appear soon. This new speed limit will create a safer community for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.
The town will also be installing more traffic calming speed bumps on town roads. The new bumps will go in first where they are needed most, to slow traffic speeds in high pedestrian and low clearance (narrow) roadways.
In addition, the Sheriff’s office is providing several patrol shifts in town per week specifically to monitor speeding. The Sheriff’s deputies encourage town residents to record license plate numbers of vehicles traveling through town at excess speed and report that information to the Sheriff’s office (non-emergency number). They will do their best to make personal visits to speeding motorists to remind them of posted speed limits. And you’ll see a mobile speed-reader placed around town as another reminder to drivers of posted speed limits.
Speed reduction work is also underway with the State highway department, and we’ll provide an update on traffic calming measures on Route 18 and Del Rhodes as we have more information.
Thanks to everyone who helps make Queenstown a safe and neighborly community for all of us!