The Maryland Dept. of Agriculture and Queen Anne’s County Dept of Public Works have begun spraying for adult mosquito control services in Queen Anne’s County. Spraying in Queenstown will occur on average bi-weekly service if weather conditions and mosquito thresholds are met. There is no longer a set day of the week for spraying to occur. There will be no off road spraying. The spray drift is approximately 300’ feet allowing effective coverage to be accomplished from common roadways and some private driveways. When spraying commences after inclement spraying weather, such as rain or excessive wind, the next available spray day will start at the house adjacent to the last house sprayed. This will ensure there is no long-term lapse in coverage to any one property.

We ask that residents remain indoors while the spray truck is in your area. To reduce mosquito annoyance, we also suggest checking your property for and removing any unnecessary sources of standing water. For more info please visit